Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It's here...and I'm still awake! Christmas Eve may have come and gone for some but it's still coming for me! (If I don't go to bed soon, Santa will be flying over and the Chipps girls will get nothing from him this year. Ok, so that's not true since it's all under the the tree thanks for his lovely elves :)

I can't believe that I actually managed to make a chocolate almond cheesecake, go to my parents for a wonderful celebration with them and my sisters, nephew, and new brother-in-law. Then drive to my husband's aunt's for more fellowship with family...come home, clean up a bit, head off to church and make it home to throw (exaggeration) the presents under the tree and maybe get a few hours of sleep before the wake of my children. Or should I say my husband. Not sure who gets more excited, the kids or him :)

Then it's off for some more festivities, more toys to figure out where they'll go and wonderful gathering of family and food :)

Best wishes to all of those who follow my blog...hope your new year is as wonderful as you dream it will be!

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