Monday, December 10, 2007


With all the hub-bub that goes along with the season, I must be nuts to put up not one, not two, but three Christmas trees! I just can't help it! I of course have to have the one in the middle of the big picture window in my tv-less, pretty living room with all the matched decorations for all the world to see. And then there is the entry to the house, or breezeway as we call it, that gives all my snowmen ornaments a home...the tree that I leave up all winter long. The basement needs one too of course! How can we possibly sit down there and watch TV and basically live without one. It just wouldn't be right! The one downstairs is the one that I let Mitch have his way. He loves the colored lights, the homemade ornaments, so I put all those on the informal tree. Don't get me wrong, I love them too but he's been promised that the basement is his year's photos will possibly have the remnants of his deer kill hanging on the wall from last weekend.

I try to remember why I love them when I'm spending the whole day putting them up...I love Christmas!

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