Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweet Dreams

The first hand-me-down that caused a meltdown happened tonight! Meredith just got out of the hospital this past weekend with a bout of pneumonia and the hospital had her sleep on a pillow. Since I didn't have any here at the house that were full-size, I snagged Margo's small pillow she used when she was in the crib. Of course she pays no mind to the little thing until she realizes that Meredith now has it! The pillow usually resides under Margo's quilt rack and honestly, I think she probably forgot she even had it until I put Meredith to bed tonight. Oh sisterly love!

So I decided that we'll make a full-size pillow just for her and she could pick out fabrics that I had in my craft room. She really didn't seem too excited about it until it was finished. Now I can only hope that she proves her love for it by needing to have it with her at all times.

On another note, CHIPPShandbags is now officially on etsy! I'm so excited and have sold a purse already and have a new one on the way. Be watching for the newest design coming soon. I've got one last stitch to perfect and it will be there. I'm hoping tomorrow.

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