Thursday, February 28, 2008

Change of Mind

Well, I had once said I wanted to keep my living room "electronic-free" but I went back on my word! It's seemed lately that it would actually make sense to have a TV in there. We always miss the news because we're either fixing or eating supper, I feel lonely when upstairs cooking or cleaning and everyone else is downstairs, and plus it would be nice if Margo could sit in the living room while watching Hannah Montana rather than back in our bedroom.

So last weekend Margo and I went TV shopping! Isn't that what the guys are suppose to do? Well, Mitch kind of did the shopping too. Although he was home with Meredith, we used the internet to compare prices and find the best one for the best price. I think we got a good deal!

Now that I have everything arranged, I'm looking for something to fill my new TV stand with. I gathered some of my "art" books and stacked them but now I need a few more things. I'm leaning towards this vase I found on I love the colors...very vivid. But I love the Pottery Barn look so I've been skimming the old catalogs I've kept to get ideas too.

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Jennifer said...

You weren't kidding. That vase is awesome!