Monday, August 18, 2008

Off to kindergarten

Margo started kindgergarten this morning. If you're wondering how I did, I was fine. In fact being among the sea of sobbing mothers, I wondered if I was missing that part of my heart or brain that made me emotional about this day. I tried and tried to cry but really, I wasn't really sad or emotional about anything. Sure, it's something to think that Margo is getting so big and doing so much with out holding my hand but I was more happy for her rather than blubbering about my first born growing up. Meredith might be different on the the other hand. She seems to be far more attached to me than Margo ever was. She's just my independent kid. Never wanted my help not needed it. I know she's capable and she'll be just fine.

Hopefully it's a good year and I know it goes fast...I revealed in every moment of her last day of summer as well as her first step into the school years.

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