Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love my Grandpa. I've been thinking that a lot more lately. I'm pretty sure he knows I do even though it's not words that fly around our family loosely.

Grandpa found out a few months ago that he has developed a tumor in his esophagus. When I found out, I immediately went into prayer mode. God knows that I know how well it works. Once he went to have things evaluated, they discovered that it had moved into the lymph nodes and I was very sad to think that my time with him was getting short. I had reason to think so, my Aunt Esther, who I saw as a grandmother, lost her fight with breast cancer a few years ago once it had moved into that stage. My prayers got stronger...and I recruited others to help pray with my family. Not just for Grandpa, but also for Grandma...and their three girls.

Each time I see him, he looks more and more tired, more and more older, more and more unhappy. Why wouldn't he, he's going through Hell to kick this. Grandpa has always had coal black hair, perfectly coiffed pomp-a-door and a great big smile on his face. Always ready to tease. All those things seem to fade away each time I see him...

But today, I found out that all those things may be on their way to reverse themselves and I'm so thankful to God. I heard from Grandma that during his third round of radiation that he started just this week, showed that they couldn't find what they were suppose to be healing. He's a tough guy...I knew it. I have faith that he will continue to fight and hang in there and be back to his old self.

And I do pray that he gets his wish and that coal black hair comes back and it's curly...because he thinks it will be.

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