Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Little Winner!

In addition to all the other things we had going on, we also experienced Margo's first tumbling meet. It was awesome!

I tumbled when I was a kid. I wasn't great but I enjoyed it and actually stuck with it until I was 14 years old. My family traveled around Iowa to meets and a lot of my favorite memories as a kid are those weekend trips.

I discovered that a gal that coached when I was a kid was doing it again in nearby town. I take Margo over to the gym two nights a week and stick around to add any of my "expertise" to the cause. I must be doing OK since the head coach announced today that all the double-mini competitors that I coach got 1st or 2nd place. Not bad for someone that never competed or got on one herself as a competitor!

But enough about was Margo's day! She was so nervous! We went to pick her and Meredith up at Grandma's (they stayed over while we had our soup supper) and Margo kept saying she didn't want to go. I was so nervous of what could happen beyond that. She asked if I could be down on the floor with her and I told her I would see if it was OK. When we got to the meet, I asked the coach if I could, since I coach too, and she said "No". Margo immediately welled up with tears. I got her calmed down and at least let her know I would be right in front to watch. OMIGOSH! She did so well. I couldn't be more proud of her! Although she was nervous and told us all the way down she didn't want to go, she did perfect. I just wanted the day to be about the experience, I didn't expect her to get 2nd place out of eight! I know, how awesome is that. The cute thing about it was that now Mitch is hooked! Not that he ever was against the whole thing but now that he sees how good she is, he's so proud of her he's already making plans for Nationals next summer! It was a great day!

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